Directions to 236 Foster St., Brighton, MA(617-254-6447)

See Important parking information below!

From the West and/or from Rt. 128:

 From the West via Route 9:

Important Parking Info:

Supposedly, Resident Only parking is enforced 24/7, but I think it’s unlikely that anyone would get a ticket on a Sunday night. But if you want to play it safe, there’s guest parking on my side of the street in both directions from my house:

  1. The first block in from Comm Ave
  2. Toward Washington St., past an apartment complex (Pama Gardens), a condominium complex (Blessed Peter Faber Jesuit Community), and the first section of a chain-link fence.

The two locations are about equidistant from my house but spots are more likely to be available toward Washington St. I’ll park on the street, so whoever arrives first can park in my driveway. (Pull all the way up to the garage on the left side.)