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The Whole Enchilada Pie


Chapped fresh tomatoes

Sliced iceberg lettuce

Chopped green onions

Avocado slices

Preheat the oven to 375°. Grease a 9 X 13 inch glass pan.

In a wide frying pan set over medium heat, brown the ground beef with the onion and garlic until the beef is brown and the onion is soft.

Lower the heat and add the picante, beans, enchilada sauce, olives, and salt. Stir and cook until well combined and bubbly. Remove from the heat.

Place 1 cup of the chips in the bottom of the glass pan. Put half the beef mixture on top. Top with another cup of the chips and 1 and 1/2 cups cheese.

Put in the rest of the beef mixture, then the rest of the chips, then the rest of the cheese.

Bake the pie for 30 - 40 minutes or until the center is hot and bubbly.Serve immediately with bowls filled with the garnishes.

8 Servings (or 12 for Book Club!)