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Rob Barber:

My earliest memory -- or maybe it was told and re-told -- was when Uncle Dan was ready with a tape recorder to catch some of my words (at about age 2). While that was going on, I fell down the stairs (at West New York) and he got it on tape. You can hear me hit about five steps, land hard, then start to cry. He loved it.

Uncle Dan, I remember you gave me a screen for my treehouse and I was so worried the "garber-man" would steal it that we had to lock it up.

Remember playing the French Horn on our butts?

When I grew up the laughing continued, listening to comedy tapes and making fun of just about everything (nothing was safe.).

The laughs I've had with my Uncle Dan are the best belly-laughs one can have!!!

I wish I could be there. I really love both of you.

  Rob ("Stretch")

Breakfast with Uncle Dan

At a young age I developed the habit of reading while eating breakfast. Always looking for highly intellectual substance, I would place a cereal box in front of me and begin to read. I just love the way it stands by itself leaving one hand to eat with and the other as a prop for my head. Having never been a morning person, this gave me license to avoid talking with anyone. Uncle Dan, being who he is, prodded me to engage in some mementos' exchange of juvenile words. I replied with the now infamous (and I'm sure misquoted) "Don't look out me!" Upon hearing this Uncle Dan proceeded to build a rather tall cereal box wall around my bowl and I.

This along with other tales will never be forgotten -Don Barber

Famous Lines

Have you seen Pete?

To Don Barber- "you me, you me are pe-als."

Sweet 'lil orms

About Timmy: Flat and round, extension forehead, ski-jump nose.

About any child he's ever met: Are you full of love and sweetness?

To any child he's ever met: The "fell in a hole" story.

The Poor Kid

Did you get your Easter Socks?

About Danny: He's like a piece of bread.

Sarah: "The little sweetheart"

About anything not clear: So, what's happening now?

To any child he's ever met: The Treatment (consisting of squeezing child's head with a vibrating motion.

About strange foods: Do I like that?

And the sandwiches...va-da-ding va-da-dang...

.."Ding...Dong...Ding...Dong...Get on with it...ha!" (picture Archie Bunker in his chair)

About Grandma Holton: "Boots, carry me up to the Cash and Carry."

About Timmy: Little Tada-Tida.



 Danny: I got the new pashotum. Papa, Papa, I am shash.

About Timmy: It's not your Proferty.

Timmy: It's too rich.

Rachel: I be Paris.

Rachel: Let's get some cool air.

Timmy: I am not a little trumpeteer.


Mark My Word



Nancy with the smiley face.

'Stu bad

Jimmy Crack Corn


Justin Time

Lan Sakes

Roast Potatoes

Christa belle

Number 1 son

'lil buddy


The Donz

Sara Sponda or Sara Dara

The Children of Israel" or the "Israelites"


Uncle Jim: "Call - call- call ring-a-leve-o - I see you and you see me".