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Florida April 06
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Dan Negris

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papa2.jpg (33466 bytes)Daniel Negris 

June 14, 1923 - November 19, 2002 

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Dan, my brother, there is no other so talented, witty and smart.

Handsome, mischievous and loving too, attributes possessed right from the start.


At  age three or four, your ear cupped to the floor to listen to tunes from below.

You sat at the piano, played music you heard - it's a gift God did bestow.


Mischievously to Coney Island you went-a fire truck you did chase.

You were busted by ones who did know that you had better get home in haste.


One day you ran home - commendation in hand, for playing the piano at school.

Mom and dad were so proud of their first-born son. If they were here, they might even say that was "cool".


Boys on the block, fruit fights they enjoyed, but the vine had wide open gapes.

Sound of Grandpa's voice came echoing loud "Daniel where are the grapes"?


Do you want to read more of those "kiddish" pranks, or shall I quit while I'm still ahead.

But, this one is funny - when you were discovered in a closet instead of your hospital bed.!!


With neighborhood combos you did play -yes, you'd rather plan than eat.

You practiced and played, 'til you almost dropped, but you never did miss a beat.


On to the big time - the New York spots, with Red Nova and other big guys.

You even met "Frankie S" who said "Hi Lad" (what nerve) or was he just being wise.


Your accomplishments admirable, when on you went, to Nyack College to pursue a degree.

While you were there you met Bootsie so fair, fell in love, and ended in matri-mony.


You had a busy life, but that wasn't enough - you studied hard and did remarkably well.

Commencement Day, your Masters in hand - we proudly cheered and shouted "You made it -- Reverend Daniel".

A musician, a preacher, and even a teacher, a husband of a wonderful wife.
Three great children, of whom you are proud....but the "unbelievable" two You made it dear Bro...to the big 7-5, still as handsome as can be. Congratulations to you and may God bless you too from now 'til eternity!

I love you, Dan. Sis Adele (alias Ardele)

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